Warana Wired Village project

Goals of the Project
The Warana “Wired Village” project was initiated in 1998 by the Prime Minister’s Office Information Technology (IT) Task Force. The stated goal of the project is not only to increase the efficiency and productivity of the sugar cane co-operative, but also to provide a wide range of information and services to 70 villages around Warana. 

The project aims in fact at giving villagers access to information in local language about crops and agricultural market prices, employment schemes from the government of Maharashtra, and educational opportunities.
The primary objective of the Wired Village project is to demonstrate the effective use of information technology infrastructure in the accelerated socioeconomic development of villages around Warana Nagar in the Kolhapur and Sangli districts of the state of Maharashtra.

Utilize IT to increase the efficiency and productivity of the existing cooperative enterprise by setting up a state-of-the-art computer communication network;

Provide agricultural, medical, and educational information to villagers at Facilitation Booths in their villages;

Provide communication facilities at the booths to link villages to the Warana cooperative complex;

Bring the world’s knowledge at the doorstep of villagers through the Internet via the National Informatics Centre Network; Provide distance education to both primary and higher educational institutes; and Establish a Geographic Information System (GIS) of the surrounding 70 villages leading to greater transparency in administration especially in matters related to land.

A pilot project first of its kind to Asia connected 70 villages and 150 computer networking nodes, internet facilities to the rural community.

This project connects 70 villages with 150 computer networking nodes and also provides the internet facilities to the rural community, the project fulfill all the needs such as revenue records, health cards, credit cards, agricultural goods market prices of national as well as international markets.