OInstitute of Requisite Education, Development and Training (IRDET) 

'Surajya Foundation' dedicates for all-round socio-economic developmental activities.

'Surajya Foundation' upholds 'an index of human development', a new concept of development to enhance the 'rate of development' to fulfill the existence of 'self contained model villages and cities' and 'novel human beings' by respecting and preserving rich and varied heritage; of all religions of India, inculcating sanskara, sankalpa, siddhi which brings forth the advancement of social, cultural, sports, families, education, health, agriculture and industries through people support on the basis of current knowledge / experience in Science and Technology.

To achieve this task 'Surajya Foundation' propose to put greater emphasis on local Government System, Economical System, Educational System, Health Activities, Social Activities, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Cultural Activities etc. in the villages and cities for overall socio-economic development and improvement of living standard of all living organisms in collaboration with Shree Warana Vibhag Shikshan Mandal, Warananagar.

With an idea of building stronger India, Shree Warana Vibhag Shikshan Mandal established in 1964 and made the masses to march towards 21st century by imparting education through

1. Shree Warana Vidyamandir
2. Shree Warana Vidyalaya (Gurukul System)
3. Tatyasaheb Kore English Academy
4. Tatyasaheb Kore Military Academy, Vinay Nagar
5. Yashwantrao Chavan Warana Mahavidyalaya (Arts, Science, Commerce)
6. Tatyasaheb Kore Industrial Training Institute
7. Tatyasaheb Kore Training cum Production Centre
8. Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Engineering and Technology
9. Tatyasaheb Kore Pharmacy College

To bring the technical education to the door steps of the rural masses, Technological Institute was established in 1983. The institute with its Civil, Chemical, Electronics, Computer, Information Technology, Mechanical, Biotechnology Engineering disciplines has made a stupendous growth over the years. The Alumni of this institution are spreading the name and fame of Warana Nationally, Internationally. The Alumni are working with internationally renowned firms like 'Microsoft', 'Intel', 'IBM', 'ABM-AMRO', 'HSBC', 'EARNST & YOUNG', 'ACCENTURE'..... the list is endless.

Surajya Foundation has started Institute of Requisite Education, Development and Training at Kolhapur from the academic year 2006-07. The object of this institute is to stabilize local employment issues with the programme which will focus on training young educated unemployed youth for the purpose of acquisition and up gradation of skills. The main object of the institute is that educated unemployed local person should be given such practical training to make possible for them to stand on their feet after successful completion of training.

The Course will focus on developing the students by imparting intensive training to youth in order to obtain proficiency and ability to do any job in industries, service industries and businesses and enabling them to find out regular employment in such industries.

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