Surajya Foundation Introduction

Surajya Foundation is an independent forum of development set up by an upcoming political party from Kolhapur(Maharastra state) The JansurajyaShakti with All India as its working territory. It’s NGO by nature and is promoted by SHREE WARANA GROUP OF COOPERATIVE INDUSTRIES AND SHREE WARANA VIBHAGA SHIKSHAN MANDALS. The prime objective behind the establishment of this NGO is to keep polities and development separate from each other. This is because when duo comes on same platform its politics which always resides development and the price of which everyone has to pay ! 

Surajya Foundation is committed for knowledge based development and doesn’t offer any materialistic help.It is executing various social projects in different areas. It tend to educate the common being how to face successfully the routine problem in daily life with the help of Science, Technology and wisdom coming out of experience. This mission of education is well conducted by the high qualified professionals like MBA/MSW postgraduate’s. Yes! Surajya Foundation has its own well trained manpower with 250 MBA/MSW postgraduates and nearly 1100 graduates, for ambitious execution of various inbuilt social project in Maharastra alone.

Surajya Foundation have a separate design department which is busy in building up the project in various religions, agricultural, educational, Social, cultural etc.

These social projects will be executed by taking the help of Surajya MitraMaitrin Surajya Mitra is unpaid local personality who can work consistently in social field . An absolute social attitude is one only criterion for anybody to be a Surajya Mitra/maitrin! Anybody can execute the project in his/her forward area under the guidance of Surajya Foundation. 

Concept and Motive behind Surajya Foundation
A Society have stable life only when the political system within make available its citizen the growth opportunities for internal development along with materialistic growth. All political parties lagging as far as this internal growth is concern. He is Shri Vinayraoji Kore(Savkar) who came forward very first time in political history of India since independence with this concept and hence the birth of Jansurajya.Shakti.

Shri.Vinayraoji Kore(Savkar) have social service heredity and attitude from both of his grandfather Late Shri Vishwanath alias Tatyasaheb Kore and his father Late Shri Vilasrao Kore(Dada). It’s his observation that when politics and development comes at one platform its politics which results development the price of which every one have to pay last 60 years use paying. That’s why Surajya Foundation has its birth. Anybody with concept and zeal towards the social development can utilize this forum to execute his/her ideas in consultation and guidance of Surajya Foundation is the theme behind!

The administration of Surajya Foundation is very well look after by very skilled and experts administrative professionals which include Civil service officials!