Shree Tatyasaheb Kore Warana Sahakari Navshakti Nirman Sanstha Ltd, Warananagar
(Warana Power Co-Operative)

Warana is the name of river and on the bank of Warana River Warananagar (Popularly known as warana) is situated, and on the name of river warana the warana group of Co-operative was formed. Warana is the Co-operative Group of sugar Factory, Dairy, Banking, Agro processing unit, Bazzar, Micro/small Scale woman Industries (popularly known as Mahila udyog.), Transportation, Educational Institution, Medical Institution, ITI (Where skill work  focused is developed which is required for Industries),Vocational training Center, Industrial Training & placement Center, Power plants etc.

The foundation stone of Co-operative movement in warana was lead down by late Shree Tatyasaheb Kore has now emerged as a huge Skyscraper with the vision and efforts of late Shree Vilasraoji Kore and now by Hon.Shri.Vinay Kore Saheb [MLA], Popularly known as Shri.Savkar Saheb. 

Hon.Shri.Vinay Kore Saheb had always a vision to develop the Cluster of more then 110 small villages within the operational area of warana and also warana itself, which will contribute to India in Social, Economical & rural development aspect. With the same Vision when Hon.Shri.Vinay Kore Saheb was Minister for Non Conventional Energy Ministry. He decided to tap huge hydro power generation potential in Maharashtra and opened up 122 dams for generation of power under BOT basis.

In 2005 when there was power scarcity Warana group took the initiative and came forward with the first of its kind in Maharashtra a co-operative organization whose members are other co-operative organizations of warana group and as a founder chairman Hon.Shri.Vinay Kore Saheb established the Shree Tatyasaheb Kore Warana Sahakari Navshakti Nirman Sanstha Ltd,Warananagar (Warana Power Co-operative) in Jan 2005,from Feb 2005 Shri.N.H.Patil Sir has hold the position of the chairman and under the guidance of both of them the work of warana power started.

The very Motto of Warana Power Co-operative was to generate power form non-conventional Clean energy form natural resources such as Wind, Solar, Hydro, Tidal, Biomass, Geothermal and later form conventional energy resources.

To start with this Warana power co-operative took up 6 Small Hydro Power projects form Govt. of Maharashtra under BOT Policy. 

The Hydro Power Project were as follows:-

1) Chitri      -1x2.0 MW                          2) Kumbhi              -1x2.5 MW
3) Kadavi    -1x1.5 MW                          4) Patgaon             -1x2.5 MW 
5) Tulshi     -2x0.8 MW                          6) Jangamhatti       -1x0.5 MW 

Total 10.6 MW projects were taken up and the dream came to true with the actual generation of power from Chitri HEP 1x2.0 MW on 24/01/2011, it was first time in Maharashtra & Probably first in India that a co-operative organization had generated power from HEP. Then Kumbhi HEP 1x2.5 MW the Second One was put under commercial generation of power on 18/4/2011 and warana power co-operative never looked back by commissioning its third Kadavi HEP 1x1.5 MW on 14/2/2012. All the projects were commissioned in the record time of ten months from actual start of work on site. Now warana power co-operative has planned to commission its fourth Patgaon HEP 1x2.5 MW very soon. The baby step in co-operative sector was taken for starting the small hydro power plant but soon it will start generating power from higher capacity Hydro Power Plant. It is possible for warana power co-operative, as it has the gained experience from the above commissioned project. The prototype plants are ready with experience man power now just the replica of higher capacity as to be done.

So with the mission of generating power from different resources right from Non Conventional to Conventional energy sources. We had already started with the study for generating solar power at Jath taluka. It is considered as zone of higher solar energy. Where one of our promoters Co-operative is having land of 150 acres. Also our mother promoter sugar factory had started with 44 MW Cogeneration which is probably biggest co-operative cogeneration in Maharashtra. At the same time we are planning to tap the hydro power from low & ultra low head and also in river run away.

It is said that China generate 1 Lac MW power from hydro energy and we in India are having capacity more than that but somehow we are not generating power to that extend. 

Our warana power co-operative has taken every care to protect the environment and without disturbing the mother earth and its environment the work of the power house, transmission line and total evacuation was carried out. We are having REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) and we are member of power exchange for trading our REC and it is very noticeable that in Dec-2011 we were the major volume players on power exchange. At the same time we are taking efforts for CDM.

The investment in the power sector is very profitable to the organization and also to Nation, after noting our growth & profit, the other players are also entering in the power sector following us.

It is our aim to have the social economical development of the root of India and so we had taken the SHP which are at the remote and where other generator are not interested to go and develop the remote areas with low generation capacity. This had generated job opportunities to the people of rural or remote area at their native place itself and had stop the migration of the people towards city. Hence the ’’Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam’s Concept of PURA” was achieved.

Warana Power Co-Operative had achieved 110% PLF, which made it to qualify for different subsidies of Government.