Mahatma Gandhi Medical Trust

The Warana co-operative complex has been a model of "Integrated rural development ".
Health services were one missing link in this development process.  People had to travel quite some distances by foot or any available mobile transport if possible to get better medical facilities, which were too expensive to afford. In critical stages, the need was acutely felt. The creative urge and genuine concern for man lead to the vision of a medical complex, a center of excellence.
Thus, the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, at New Pargaon finally came into being to meet the precise medical needs of the rural population on the 2nd October 1992.  It is a registered Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act and Societies Registration Act.

The main intention has been to make such costly and clinically necessary investigation modalities available to the common person at a close distance and affordable rate. At the same time other needy patients are given information of this hospital and referred for further management to the base hospital concerned department.

Our blood bank is another branch that has been upgraded, with the introduction of these modalities, and is doing very well with about a minimum of 210 -240 bags of blood being utilized per month.

The Blood Bank has been approved by the Central Government of India.  It has an Eliza Reader a specialized equipment one of the mandatory requirements which has been donated again by our sister concern the Warana Bazaar. All the killer diseases investigations are performed on this equipment. The samples of the blood donors for confirmation of HIV / HbsAg & Syphilis are done in association with our District Hospital at Kolhapur.

We have a well-equipped neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Our Neonatal ICU also has been a great asset in reviving newly born premature and low birth weight infants. The equipment has been donated by our sister concern the Warana Bazaar. In association with the above activity other camps also are organized which prove fruitful to the disabled and needy people. These We still The main aim of the founder regarding this hospital was to set up Rural Medical College attached to this multispecialty hospital. However, the dream seems to be coincidentally fulfilled by the origin of Tatyasaheb Kore Dental College & Research Centre, recognized by the Dental Council of India and the Central Government of India since June 2002.

“We agree that God only knows the actual destiny and fate, however sincere efforts and hard work should make the above come true.”

Thereby all efforts will be taken to fulfill this ultimate dream of our Founder Late Sahakarmaharshi Tatyasaheb Kore & all his Founder colleagues. All this will be possible due to the sincere intention, positive determination & true motive of our Founder’s Son Hon’ble Dr. Sudhakar Vishwanath Kore the Chairman / President and sole responsible Icon / Beacon Light of the Trust & Warana Health Care Movement along with the strong support and cooperation of Hon’ble Shri Vinayraoji Kore, M.L.A & Chairman of Warana Complex.    

In order to fulfill this dream primarily the Hospital thereby also has to be developed and run as per rules laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards in order to provide sincere and necessary services to the needy patients of this Rural and Peripheral area as per its original aim.

We look forward to expand our services all over this region to the needy according to their economic status, with a sincere and true motive without keeping or creating differences between people of respective class, creed or sex.  Thus we aim of developing this institute as an explicit example of excellent, sincere and honest service medically and socially, which is lacking in today's world.